Medical masks

that adopt Winnerzen’s high technology

Industrial masks

for people who want the best protection even in extreme environments

Personal masks

that can be used in daily life

Introducing the Winnerzen Lab

Filter Lab

The air we breathe contains several kinds of chemicals, fine dust, germs, molds and viruses so in order to protect our health, we need a solution to help us block these toxic substances 100%.

Department of Respiratory Disease Research

We all have the right to breathe fresh air. Winnerzen only focuses on the human respiratory system.

Advanced Technologies

Turbulence Formation Technology

It’s the unique technology of Winnerzen. Turbulence formation technology is applied to our premium filter. Our filter doesn’t pass the air straight but generates turbulences inside the filter.

Centrifugal force-Collection Technology

Vortexes that are formed by small turbulences generate centrifugal force to attach fine particles to the filter.

Static electricity-Collection Technology

Alongside the centrifugal force, it maximizes the collection of fine particles in the filter by using static electricity.

Net Capture Technology

With this entire process, our mask filter can collect fine toxic materials that are smaller than the holes and therefore, it is possible to breathe very comfortably in comparison to the filtration rate.

Contribution to human health


which has the “Human respect” as their motto,

is proud to make products that maintain people’s health and improve their quality of life.

This business model

which can contribute to the promotion of health perfectly corresponds to Winnerzen’s values

where we wish  to progress it to a social business.

Winnerzen is regarded as a business that focuses

on all the capabilities of R&D absorbed in developing innovative new technologies.

We think that investment into R&D

would be the root of the business and

based on these powerful research and determination of development,

we will provide high-quality products efficiently and strategically.