<40 PCS> Premium Non-woven Disposable Filter Pad

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Replaceable mask pad for everyday safety and cleanliness.
WHO SAID “Re-using masks is not appropriate.”
It’s expensive to use masks just once.
By attaching the electrostatic filter to your mask, you can use it both economically and sanitarily.
Masks that are attached by the electrostatic filters have a powerful effect in preventing epidemics.
The recent results of an experiment in the institution of South Korea which is one of the countries where COVID-19 has massively spread says that using normal masks (cotton masks included) with electrostatic filters attached is as effective as using masks that are approved as health masks (N, KN, KF), and the press has reported about it several times.

4.96 out of 5


The mask filter pad is in stock. Delivery to Europe and the United States takes 5 to 8 business days.

Medical masks are not available as they have been donated.
We offer disposable filter pads for non-medical use on a daily basis.
These can be attached to cloth masks.
However, these are not suitable for medical use.

Winnerzen is a Dutch Company,

this product was produced by OEM in China.

25 reviews for <40 PCS> Premium Non-woven Disposable Filter Pad

  1. Petra Mayer

    The best solution to be relieved from COVID-19

    I am a German living in the United States.
    Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, we have been told not to wear masks unless they are sick, caring for a sick person who is unable to wear one or working in health care.

    But there is increasing evidence that the virus can be spread by presymptomatic and asymptomatic carriers.

    So now there are big changes to that policy.

    The Trump administration announced that the CDC is now recommending people consider wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Mayors in New York City and Los Angeles have already offered similar advice to citizens.

    Can face coverings prevent the spread of the virus?
    What about homemade masks?
    it’s not clear how much protection they provide.
    We don’t yet know exactly how effective homemade masks are.
    The best masks are N95 respirators, but the general public is urged not to use them because they are fiercely needed by health care workers right now.
    And N95 respirators are Not good for people with respiratory diseases to use in everyday life

    W.H.O. recommended using the mask only for disposable use
    I think Winnerzen’s pad that can be used as a disposable is the best alternative at a reasonable price.

  2. Rosa A. Sørensen

    It is convenient to breathe in high-quality materials.

    It was difficult to obtain a mask, so I ordered it via internet. Delivery to Europe took a week.

    My husband worked at a textile company, and he had a disagreement about cloth.

    He said this is a very high-quality material.
    It is easy to breathe and feels soft on the skin.

  3. Nediljko Topić

    Good choice!!
    I have been looking for a mask for the last week because of the corona virus.
    The previously received mask was a low-quality mask, so there was no confidence in the quality.

    Winnerzen is a brand that everyone in the healthcare industry knows, so I have faith.

    Thank you for purchasing cheaply without raising the price even in the event of a coronavirus.

  4. Curtis Mothé

    Disposable pads are highly recommended.

    The most realistic solution for covid19.

    In my opinion, this disposable pad seems to have a larger effect than a surgical mask and less than N95.
    The mask must be used disposable.
    The N95 mask cannot be a realistic solution in the present situation.

    In this regard, Winnerzen’s disposable pad is considered the most realistic solution.

  5. Shen Chou

    Good quality, fast delivery

    Things arrived in 5 days to Asia.

    I wanted to use an excellent product because it touches the respiratory system.

    Winnerzen masks were already recognized for medical use, so I think the public use will be good as well.

  6. Ethan Dobson

    It is repurchase. It is convenient to use.

    It is very convenient to use because it can be simply attached to the cotton mask.

    I am satisfied because it is an economical price that can be used for disposable.

    While using it, I did not feel any dissatisfaction.
    In New York, the first delivery arrived in three days and the second delivery arrived in 10 days.

  7. A. Lima

    Awesome product I was looking for!!!
    Several large health departments, including those of Los Angeles and New York City, already advised all residents to wear face covering when out in public.
    Federal officials stress that the use of masks should be in addition to all the other measures currently recommended for COVID-19 prevention, including social distancing.
    Experts say that a mask made of cloth has no effect.
    It is difficult to obtain a mask for medical use every day and the price is high.
    In my opinion, attaching a mask pad that matches a medical mask to a cotton mask is the most effective method in existence.
    One person’s effort cannot defeat the corona virus.
    I highly recommend Winnerzen’s mask pad for tranquility around the world.

  8. Naila Hebels

    Luckily, I got Winnerzen’s mask pad.

    While low-quality masks were in turmoil, luckily, good-quality mask pads were obtained at good prices. This is lucky for me.

  9. Fumisato Hori

    Mask pad that most closely resembles South Korean policy.

    I have a relative from South Korea. They say that everyone was wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the corona virus. A reputable institution in Korea said that if a mask pad with a filter function was attached to a cotton mask, it would have the same effect as a medical mask. I have confidence that this is the mask pad that most closely resembles Korean policy. Because they already proved it as a result.

  10. Dante Zetticci

    It is comfortable to wear all day long.

    I’m sensitive because I usually have respiratory diseases. Before using this product, I sneeze when I wore a low-quality, fluffy mask. Even if you wear this product all day long, you can speak comfortably without getting wet by breathing. This product is sure to be of good quality.

  11. AM Fajardo

    Unkind customer support, satisfying stuff
    Because it is a European distribution company, cs is unkind. But the product is satisfactory.

  12. Charli Lumsdaine

    Much better than the blue mask

    I’ve been wearing a blue mask. Recently, the low quality of Chinese products has improved, so the blue mask is not satisfactory. After searching all night long for 10 days, I found Winnerzen’s filter pad. I was dubious and waited for things to come. Finally, after receiving the goods, the whole family wore them one by one. Results are very satisfactory.

  13. Zhen Yüan

    My favorite brand, WINNERZEN

    I am a patient with underlying disease. I have been using masks. My favorite brands are 3m and Winnerzen. 3m is unique in the field of dust masks at industrial sites. Winnerzen’s masks are of excellent quality for medical use, so our family has been looking for them for days, but it wasn’t easy. The Winnerzen mask I purchased here is definitely a Winnerzen mask that I used. Repurchase.

  14. Avni Kasupović

    This stuff is authentic.
    It is the same as the Winnerzen mask pad purchased at the pharmacy.

    At the pharmacy, it was sold out, so I only bought one, but I’m glad I bought several here.

  15. Fabiano Mazzanti

    don’t expect customer ticket

    The product is great. But don’t expect customer ticket. Disappointed by the late response.

    The product is very satisfied.

  16. Sumayyah

    Cheaper than a pharmacy.

    I bought the same product at a pharmacy a few days ago, and the price was three times that of this. The exact same product is certain. Bulk form and individually packaged. The product is perfect.

  17. Mary K. Luckey

    Fast delivery and perfect product

    My family tried to buy a mask in a long line on the street, but failed many times. I tried to buy it online, but it was often canceled. Delivery dates have also changed. I ordered it here by accident and waited a week before it was delivered. It can be easily pasted onto a cotton mask. I don’t know how long the corona virus will last, so I want to buy 10 more here.

  18. darrell dehart

    The product is satisfactory. customer support is unsatisfactory, but I understand.

    I inquired about the product and got a very late reply. Even after the shipment was made, the answer came. Perhaps the order volume is high, so it seems that the answer to the inquiry is not smooth. But the product is really satisfactory. I don’t know if it’s this price as usual, but at the time of the corona’s rise, these prices are very special.

  19. oliveira

    I am completely satisfied.
    It is individually wrapped and hygienic. I read an article about a contaminated or reused mask coming from India. With the thought of buying meticulously, I found a reliable brand. After receiving recommendations from acquaintances in the medical field, I learned about Winnerzen and was able to purchase a popular mask at a reasonable price.

  20. Gabrielle Martins

    No smell and sticks well. Other products smelled bad. This product smells nothing. It sticks well and is convenient.

  21. Bernard Jurković

    Fast delivery with no defect rate. I have soaked it in water, but it is waterproof and has no defects.

  22. Patrick Diederich

    Similar to ‘n’ mask.
    It has a similar feel to the n95 mask.
    However, breathing is much easier.

  23. Csorba Marcsa

    I wish the coronavirus is gone.It was sad that it was so difficult to get a mask. Nevertheless, I am relieved to buy a mask pad.

  24. Hermannsdóttir

    Impeccable products. After the Covid19 virus spread, I bought several masks. There was no product that satisfied everything, but this product is impeccable.

  25. Yurie Kurota

    Compatibility with cotton mask. If you use only a cotton mask, you won’t be able to stop the splash. It is essential to use an electrostatic filter. If you can’t use a non-woven mask as a new one every day, this is the only alternative.

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