Winnerzen is regarded as a business that focuses on all the capabilities of R&D absorbed in developing innovative new technologies

We think that investment into R&D would be the root of the business and based on these powerful research and determination of development, we will provide high-quality products efficiently and strategically.


Creation and Challenge

We will take a leap of faith and proceed through our improvement tests of producing felt thread and fabric.

We aim to produce products that meet global standards such as the FDA or CE.



Contribution to human health

Winnerzen, which has the "Human respect" as their motto, is proud to make products that maintain people's health and improve their quality of life. This business model which can contribute to the promotion of health perfectly corresponds to Winnerzen's values where we wish  to progress it to a social business.





Winnerzen's symbol mark embodies W, the first letter of Winnerzen, which contains the vision of Winnenrzen and the respect for the human soul.