W-ZeroDust Pro



Winnerzen's Zero Dust Line perfectly isolates you from dust

Our products that are invented to be used in extreme environments are also designed to be waterproof, so that its performance doesn't degrade even if it is wet.

W-Chemical & Solvent



Winnerzen's Chemical & Solvent line has powerful deodorization as it neutralizes all sorts of chemicals.

The 7 layers of the activated carbon filter that adopts Silver-Nanoparticle technology adsorbs, eliminates, and neutralizes all sorts of toxic ingredients.

If you're in an environment where you might be exposed to chemicals, please try our masks.

This mask might have the roughest design of all our masks but it is ergonomically designed to minimize obstruction of the sight.

The reason why it's not as light and thin as other products is so that it protects you in quite dangerous places.

With this rough design, this mask will protect your health from toxic materials.