Winnerzen will keep your healthy life safe

Our highest technology

is applied to the personal health masks to ensure that these masks can protect your respiratory system from all sorts of germs, viruses, and molds that can cause respiratory diseases.

Please try our personal products that are offered with a reasonable price in spite of the application of Winnerzen's high technology.


Premium Non-woven Disposable Filter Pad


Winnerzen's replaceable and disposable filter that you can use economically

We've designed the filter which is the core component of our masks separately.

This premium mask filter adopts our technology and provides a high-quality filter that is used.

If you have to use masks often, please consider our replaceable filter solution.

Our disposable replacement solution will bring you maximum effects at a minimum price.

Our replaceable and disposable filter doesn't need any extra glue or instruments.

All you need to do is attach it to the existing cloth or the mask.

And this premium disposable filter is almost compatible not only with our masks but masks of other companies.