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Filter Lab

The air we breathe contains several kinds of chemicals, fine dust, germs, molds and viruses so in order to protect our health, we need a solution to help us block these toxic substances 100%.

The safest solution in terms of hygiene is not using one mask and taking good care of it but using disposable masks and changing it frequently.


The core material of this mask would be obviously the filter.


The purpose for the establishment of Winnerzen's filter lab is to contribute to the promotion of human health by developing suitable filter materials depending on their usage such as per their purpose in terms of them being needed for medical, industrial, or personal purposes.


Net Capture System

The mask filter used in our industrial products has been adopted by our original net capture system which is beyond the general method where it filters materials by physical sizes or the electrostatic method.

Our non-woven filter adopted this technology, which does not allow air to simply flow straight but induces random turbulence.

Therefore, the fine particles entering through the filter are captured by the filter with centrifugal force formed by this small vortex. So our filter captures even the smallest particles that are smaller than the holes of the filter.


This is why we can breathe without any problems or concerns as our masks have powerful ability to block fine particles.

Department of Respiratory Disease Research

We all have the right to breathe fresh air.

Winnerzen only focuses on the human respiratory system.


We keep breathing when sleeping or being awake and keep inhaling this way.

Therefore, it is extremely important to breathe good air.


At Winnerzen's Filter Lab, we focus on the filter technology that changes the polluted air into fresh air, but at the same time our Respiratory Disease Lab researches what changes of the body occur while breathing the fresh air generated.

This research is conducted in actual usage environments and not in labs and even though such research costs a lot money, this will be the basis for making our products much more effective.